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lanza' homes but police have not released any more details. in hoboken, new jersey, police took the gunman's older brother ryan lanza into custody for questioning. newtown police arrived at sandy hook elementary school shortly after 9:30 in the morning. they quickly called for state backup and a s.w.a.t. team and released word to expect the worst. >> the majority of those who died today were children beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. >> reporter: parents rushed to pick up their children. >> there's 20 parents that were just told their children are dead. >> reporter: while the investigation continues it is already one of the worst mass shootings in u.s. history. counselors were on site this afternoon and a vigil was held tonight at a nearby church and many people here saying that this town will never be the same again. in newtown, connecticut, ines
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ferre, now back to you. newtown, connecticut, is in the southwestern part of the state. it's roughly 80 miles northeast of new york city. the population is about 27,500 people and encompasses will 60 square miles about the same size as carmel-by-the-sea here in california. there are four elementary schools in newtown. sandy hook where the shootings took place is a kindergarten through fourth grade school. now, the children described terror as they told their parents about how they cowered in the classrooms. while their teachers locked doors and ordered them to hide. here's how some of those students and their parents explained what happened today. >> somebody yelled, get to a safe place. >> teacher pulled me into her classroom. >> reporter: inside sandy hook elementary school, children were caught in the chaos. >> teacher said had to close the blinds and had to close the blinds and had to shut off the lights and [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: outside, the first family members on the scene
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witnessed a horrific site. >> three children that came out, one of them was -- had a very bloody face, it was a very violent scene. they were in the arms of a state trooper. they did not move. their face was very pale. >> there's 20 parents that were just told that their children are dead. it was awful. >> reporter: as armed officers stormed the school, others guided students to safety at a nearby firehouse. >> police made them hold hands and the police told them to close their eyes. >> i hope it's lucky for everyone else. i hear maybe that's not the case and it breaks my heart. >> reporter: parents whose children made it out alive are faced with how to tell them not everyone did. >> when we tell them what happened in detail it's going to make it worse. >> the violence in connecticut caused several bay area police departments to step up their presence around schools. oakland, fremont, san leandro, palo alto police all increased school patrols. san francisco police already have resource officers on
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campus. they say they are double- checking school safety plans. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez is in san francisco and joe, extra police or not, the schools across the bay area are addressing what happened today. >> reporter: that's right. i have talked to a lot of parents today and the mood is still one of horror and disbelief that something like this could happen at a school. you know, eventually the conversation turned to a question, is the school going to keep my kid safe? the school spent the day reassuring parents that yes they will keep them as safe as possible. it may be 3,000 miles away from the worst grade school shooting in american history, but still the mood here is somber. >> i think every parent is turning around and saying i got hug my kids that much tighter today. in fact, i got a text from a friend who said i drove straight from my son's preschool and gave him a hug and said son i love you and i think that's how every parent is feeling. you know, horrible sadness for the families that are going through this and, you know, sort of need to reconnect with
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a family that you have. >> reporter: san francisco school district students were given paperwork to take home to their parents, it's a guide on how to talk to children about the shooting. >> sad for the mommies. >> reporter: crystal brown had a brief conversation with her daughters just after school let out. >> i said, you know, someone brought a gun to a school and she said a real gun, you know. a real gun and someone died? kids died? and you know, it's hard for them to process. >> reporter: san francisco school district superintendent richard carranza says he wants to remind parents that the schools have safety plans and that teachers drill on how to keep the kids out of danger. but school officials emphasize there is no security measure as good as paying attention to a person who seems to be plotting an evil deed and calling the police right away. >> as a teacher during the columbine incident there was a rush to install security metal detectors and all of this hardware. i will tell you the single greatest security system you
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can have in place is a well informed enabled student body. >> reporter: you saw those parents hugging their kids a little tighter. well, one school district official told me that, you know, after you have the conversation with your children tonight, maybe it's time for a little extra dessert as well, allen, as people just want to show that little extra display of love today in a moment like this. >> a lot of us will be displaying extra love tonight. thank you, joe vazquez. president obama reacted to the massacre not only as our president but as an emotional father choking up when he spoke about the young lives lost. >> they had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. among the fallen were also teachers, men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams. >> the president also said it's time to put politics aside and
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focus on how the nation can prevent future tragedies like this one. prevention on a lot of people's minds tonight. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee joining us from the newsroom. grace, typically we do see strong reaction after mass shootings as well as calls for stricter gun control. >> reporter: and allen that is exactly what we are seeing in our exclusive surveyusa poll. this was taken after the shooting today. so adults here in the bay area were asked, if laws for gun sales should be more strict? 74% said yes. 19% said that the law should stay the same. 6% believed that they should actually be less strict. as for the semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles, our survey found that 77% support or strongly support making it illegal to sell or even to own them. but the question today is, is that public sentiment enough to change the law? it was an emotional president obama who faced the nation today often pausing or wiping a tear. it was also a rare moment
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perhaps a turning point in presidential policy for federal gun control. >> we are going to have to come together to prevent more tragedies like this regardless of the politics. >> it is an obvious and perfectly appropriate emotional responsible to say something has to be done. >> reporter: criminal law professor believes the american people will also have a change in public sentiment a call for gun control but he doesn't believe it will last long enough to change law. >> the only time when most citizens worry about things like assault weapons, is in the middle of a mass shooting episode and its aftermath. so that sort of high tide for the people who are gun control advocates. >> reporter: he says that when a mass shooting occurs, gun control is called for.
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but after the hype dies down, the opponents gain traction because they care vehemently and fight long term. >> the intensity of the opponents of control will outweigh the mild support that the rest of the population might feel. >> reporter: in 1999 during the columbine shooting, 39 people were killed or injured. the next year, a public policy institute of california poll showed 62% of californians wanted stricter gun control. but just before the oikos shooting in oakland in april of this year that support had dropped to 53%. and one more statistic. kind of disturbing. the number of mass shootings has gone up in recent history dramatically. this year, we have had seven incidents where four or more people were killed. and according to mother jones that is the highest number we have seen in the last 30 years.
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in the newsroom, grace lee, cbs 5. right now this is what we know about today's massacre. 26 people were killed at the school. 20 of those, children. police say the shootings took place in two rooms but they are not saying exactly how it unfolded. the gunman 20-year-old adam lanza killed himself. now, his mother was a teacher at that school. she was found dead at their home. for the latest from connecticut, stay with cbs 5 and you can log on to our website,, for constant updates as well as advice on how to talk with your children about the shooting. also we have the three things you should do to survive a mass shooting. "cbs evening news" will air an hour long special report immediately after this newscast. still ahead, the king tides making their mark on the bay area. the local county that thinks it has the most to lose to the rising waters. >> it is cloudy, it is showery, it is very chilly outside in the bay area.
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coming up in weather, find out which city just had its coldest afternoon in nearly two years. here's a live look outside over the santa clara valley. we'll talk about rain for the weekend coming up. >> it's a south bay icon. a 7-foot-tall bagel and coffee. the new fight to take it down. next. ,,,,,,,,
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people heading north on hig 280 on the peninsula. the c has blocked off four right now the friday evening commute a mess. this is a stand-still for people heading north on 280 on the peninsula. chp has blocked off four lanes just north of edgewood road near redwood city. they are investigating that deadly crash there. three people have died, two others are hurt. the chp says a pulled-over car was hit by another passing car on the highway. only one lane is open. traffic is backed up for miles. we're told into san jose. officers do not expect to clear that scene for another two hours. in fremont, fire
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investigators returned to the c & h manufacturing planned today but they have yet to determine how the smoky three-alarm fire got started. the fire yesterday destroyed the building causing millions of dollars in damage. employees met outside the company today to talk about their next steps. the company trying to find temporary space to resume production. other bay area headlines, a shooting in broad daylight in a very public place in san rafael. police say that about 1:00 this afternoon a 22-year-old man was shot while waiting on a bus platform at the city's transit center near third and 101. the gunman took off in a car. the victim is in the hospital tonight with a gunshot wound to the leg. get ready to say good-bye to the giant bagel and cup of coffee on top of a palo alto eatry. the city says izzy's brooklyn bagels violates the prohibition on roof signs and could be fined as much as $500 a day for keeping it up.
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they have until tomorrow to remove it. king tides have one bay area county on extra high alert. why some local leaders say they have the most to lose when the waters rise. today's mass shooting is difficult enough for adults to understand. but what are you supposed to say to your kids? dr. kim with advice on helping the young ones cope. ,,
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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really impacted parts of the penninsula. in fact, this afternoon redwood city poli had to issue a flood warnin the high king tides we have seen around the bay area impacted parts of the peninsula. this afternoon redwood city police issued a flood warning. mark sayre in redwood city with the people who are keeping a close eye on it. >> reporter: it's been three days in a row of these king tides. a study says that san mateo county stands to sustain the most damage of any county in all of california if ocean and tides continue to rise. >> reporter: just as the high watermark of the king tide reached the peninsula at about 12:30, crews put up signs closing the road in redwood city. it's a scene repeated more frequently than in the past. paul is the harbor master. >> it gets high but it dissipates quickly. >> reporter: the king tides created quite a problem for alberto contreras who says his
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car literally floated away during yesterday's king tides. >> when i opened the doors, all water come in. >> reporter: how high do you think it was here? >> to right here. >> reporter: all the way to the door? >> yeah all the way to the door. >> reporter: contreras' family arrived to quickly push the car out of harm's way today. in a study from 2009, the pacific based institute says san mateo could be hit hard. the report says one approach to protect property over the long term would be to install dikes, dunes and seawalls or perhaps it's time to rethink long-term development. >> it doesn't seem very smart to build in very low-lying areas anymore. >> reporter: she is with the sierra club. >> should we really be putting people's lives and their entire life savings at risk? a citizen is entitled to believe that if a city has allowed someone to build on a
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particular property that it's safe. >> reporter: if these king tides are any indication of what's to come, something needs to be done. >> like most things, it certainly is, you know, when things get so bad, they will actually make changes. >> reporter: and the king tides are gone for now but they will be back for three more days beginning january 9. reporting live in redwood city, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. >> thank you. let's go to paul deanno and more concern is rain is coming in. >> we have a decent amount of rainfall spread out over time. we are talking about five of the next seven days have a chance of rain. you saw showers out there today but the widespread issue was the cold weather. here's a peek outside. skies are just clearing out as the sun goes down which will lead to another cold night tonight. temperatures outside right now, concord down to 48, livermore 47. had concord only had a high
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today of 51 degrees. that's the coldest afternoon since march 24 of last year, 631 days ago, nearly two years it's been since we have had an afternoon as chilly as you just had in concord. here's where we are heading tonight. concord 35, fremont 35 near freezing for san rafael, napa and fairfield. here's cbs 5 hi-def doppler, the only showers we are seeing down in the south bay. you just had some heavier showers in los gatos and campbell. san jose seeing showers along 680 close to milpitas. these are all moving southeast now moving into the mountains and away from the populated areas close to san jose. but the overall weather pattern the thing we talked about yesterday the big dip in the jet stream is now here. and our source of air is literally coming down from alaska. so what this means for you, we'll have showers at times, saturday, sunday most of the days next week but the big thing is going to be we are not going to warm up. we are going to be chilly every day for at least the next seven to 10 days. a couple of showers tomorrow and showers around on sunday but highs only in the 50s and more rain chances coming up
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next week. oakland tomorrow, 56. san jose 55. redwood city 55. union city hayward only 54. concord actually warmer tomorrow but still only 52. santa rosa 52. alameda tomorrow 55 degrees. scattered showers both weekend days saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday, we still have a rain chance. the next break from the rain will be next wednesday and next thursday. and that is your cbs 5 forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hook" elementary in newtown, connecticut this morning. 20 of those were children. 26 people were killed at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut this morning. 20 of those were children. the triggerman has been identified as 20-year-old adam lanza. he is also dead. but lanza also killed his mother at their home before going to the school where she was a kindergarten teacher. this is the deadliest shooting rampage at an elementary school in u.s. history. ken bastida with mobile5 and ken, the horror of what happened in connecticut
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certainly striking a chord around the country and here in the bay area. >> reporter: yeah, no question about it, allen. i mean, when something of this magnitude hits this country, it gets plastered all over the newspapers, all over television and radio. you can't avoid it. and it has an emotional impact on a lot of people. and tonight, you know, just talking to folks going home, there's sort of a mixture of disgust, shock and absolute sadness. >> it's very disturbing and, you know, i wish they would banning guns would take care of the problem but there's no real solution. >> you would think elementary school would be safe. that illusion is shattered. >> it's scary. you feel like you can't go anywhere right now without being worried. you know, what you might come across. we have the movie theater problems and then earlier in
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the week there was another incident in the mall. >> i waited until i was 49 to have my son. if something like that happens, i would die. i would die. >> reporter: i think a lot of people have that feeling. they are just distraught tonight. and you know, they go home and they look at their kids and they wonder what if. and it's very disturbing for people and we go out every day and we cover these stories. you know, gang members shooting each other and people being killed at random. i think what is hitting america tonight certainly here in the bay area is the fact that these victims are so young. they are among the most innocent among us. and for this to happen at a school, you know, the safest place in the world... it's just heartbreaking for a lot of people and certainly they are feeling that in the bay area tonight. back to you. >> yeah, should be the safest place for sure. all right, kenny, thanks well, of course, parents will be giving their kids some extra attention and love tonight but also, trying to
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help them understand and digest the horrific reality of what happened in today's shooting. how do you talk to your kids about this? dr. kim mulvihill has some advice from an expert. >> reporter: scott snyder of martinez is sure his kids have already heard the news. >> i think i'm going to give them a hug -- an extra hug tonight and -- and ask them if they have questions. >> this is a really, really tragic and difficult event. >> reporter: this child psychologist at lucille packard children's hospital. >> often times after an event like this, our children can have questions about their safety and if and when and how this happens and if it will happen again. >> reporter: she says honest conversations that are age roberta will help ease your child's fears. younger children might have more trouble understanding. >> so for those children it's reelly important to try and limit their exposure to these events all the news coverage and to more importantly to
5:25 pm
reassure to them the safety of their environment. >> reporter: older children will have a greater understanding and want to know more of the specifics, she says be open with them and stress the isolated nature of the event. >> this is a random isolated event and it could happen to anyone anywhere although it most likely will not. >> it's not a normal person that will go into an elementary school and shoot it up methodically. >> reporter: be calm and reassure your kids that there are a lot of people looking out to make sure they're safe. so listen to your kids tonight. let them talk about their feelings. keep in mind they will be paying close attention to the moods of the adults around them. try to maintain a normal routine and reassure children that school is a safe place. some kids will have more intense reactions to the situation so be on the lookout for any major changes in behavior. i think an extra hug all around. >> no doubt and when you listen to them, let them now really hear what they're saying. >> reporter: absolutely. >> affirm what they're saying. >> reporter: be supportive
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we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you are looking at a shot from our nation's capital building in washington, d.c. the flag is at half-staff for the people killed in connecticut today all those children especially. we are about to hand it over to scott pelley for a special hour long edition of "cbs evening news." we're back at 6:30. more on today's tragedy in connecticut. the question people across the nation are asking tonight, as
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you watch television, you read the news, how do you begin to comprehend the unthinkable? thanks for watching us this half hour. a special hour-long "cbs evening news" is next. we'll leave you with images from a vigil held in the nation's capital. captions by: caption colorado >> i don't understand how somebody could hurt innocent children. i just don't get that. what did those poor babies do to you? that's the hard part. >> there was 20 parents that were just told that their children are dead. >> it's a tragedy. it's a tragic scene. >> pelley: it is a tragedy for the nation. a gunman opened fire in a connecticut kindergarten. >> beautiful little kids between the ages of five and ten years old >> pelley: more than two dozen people are dead. the gunman's motive is still unknown. cbs news correspondents are on the scene covering the invest

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